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Alpha Eta Rho

About Our Chapter

About Our Chapter
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About the Organization

Alpha Eta Rho (AHP) is an International Professional Co-Educational Fraternity.
As an organization, we seek to fulfill our purposes given to us by our National Board. We also strive aid aviation major apart of our fraternity as well as outside of the fraternity.
  • One way we aid others is through our "Wingman" tutoring program
    • from 7-9pm in the Library Room 308
    • Join the "Wingman by Alpha Eta Rho" facebook group!
  • This program is not only for aviation classes but other classes that are necessary to obtain an Aviation Science or Management Major.
    • i.e Physics, Macroeconmics, Aviation Insurance and Risk Management etc.

Please contact us for more information about the Wingman program.



Our Purposes

  1. To further the cause of aviation in all it's branches.
  2. To instill in the public mind a confidence in aviation
  3. To promote contacts between students in aviation and those engaged in the profession.
  4. To promote closer affliation between students in aviation for the purposes of education and research.

Bridgewater State College - Bridgewater, MA - 02325